Episode 46

Spidey, Woody, and the Best Chicken Sammie

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On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Talley and Doofin weigh in on the great chicken sandwich debate that, like many things, only seems to exist on Twitter. They discuss whether Popeye’s fried chicken between a bun bests Chick-fil-A’s, people’s extreme loyalty to restaurant and corporate brands, the frightening implications of Netflix’s Cambridge Analytica documentary The Great Hack, and the slow babyface turn of Fleabag actor Andrew Scott. Also, as the episode recording was coming to a close, news broke that Sony and Disney were fighting over Spider-Man, so you’ll hear the guys speculate blindly on the hows and whys of that ongoing rift.

Is Alan Ruck the secret weapon of SPEED? Has a Keanu accent attempt ever fully ruined a movie? Should KILL BILL always remain two movies? Do Tampa morning zoo DJs only have two options in life? What would a Woody Allen adult film sound like? Which film franchise has the most jacked continuity? How many viewings does it take for Doofin to notice a long take? Won’t someone please think of the white people?! Drink some lingonberry tea and butcher Jimmy Ray’s “Are You Jimmy Ray?” with the gents on episode 46!

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