Episode 49

The Clarion and the Contrarian

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On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Doofin and Talley are back from yet another long hiatus, and we find them at their most empathic, most crass, and most rusty. Talley (the Clarion) and Doofin (the Contrarian) touch on everything from NBC’s ‘The Good Place’ to a bus crash almost sending Matthew to The Bad Place, as well as takes on film franchises like Star Trek, James Bond, Mission: Impossible and The Fast and Furious.

The gents also discuss some of the top Oscar nominees, some of which bounced off of them in unexpected ways (sorry, Netflix movies), as well as the complicated legacies of our celebrities and heroes. They wonder why Americans are obsessed with the idea of the flawed hero in our books and movies, but can’t seem to accept them in real life (see: the reactions from all sides after the passing of Kobe Bryant). This is not the dudes’ finest hour, but it is a memorable installment for a few reasons. Come(on man) for the porn pun riffing, stay for the blasphemy on Episode 49!

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