Episode 43

We're in the Endgame of Thrones Now

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On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Doofin is away on assignment doing some classified business, or washing his hair, or rearing a living thing... or something weird. He'll explain his absence upon his return on the next one, but in the meantime, Talley is joined in-person by his pal Beatrice Longshore to talk Game of Thrones' final episodes and the varied reactions to them, and the series as a whole.

Breaking down the HBO show's controversial finale leads to a greater discussion of other major genre franchises' "endings," including AVENGERS: Endgame and STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker, and the always passionate, sometimes entitled fandoms of each, as well as those of LostBattlestar Galactica, the DCEU, and more. Share your L.A. shortcuts, ignore the bells, and burn it down with them on episode 43!

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