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Episode 2

Episode 2 - Colorado Data Drop

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Taylor West and Andrew Livingston join host Kris Lotlikar to talk about the new market data from Colorado, celebrate the banking amendment passed by Congress and attempt to read the tea leaves about how the White House really feels about marijuana.

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  • Ryan Agnew

    RE Production caps in WA. The goal was not to somehow limit demand by limiting supply. The caps were a reaction to 10 million sq. ft of applied-for canopy on what was supposed to be a 2 mil sq. ft production target for year 1. (Why 2mil is a different story) Prior to the caps, tier three producers (for example), who applied for three licenses each were able to aim for 90,000 sq feet of total grow. To get closer to their 2 mil target, the LCB implemented an emergency rule to cap production at one license per applicant and a canopy reduction of 30% per tier. Despite the caps, there's still over 2 mil sq.ft. of production capacity awaiting license approval.

    So they missed the target by a mile, but it wasn't out of a desire to control demand. Nonetheless, the Board prayed that the launch date would coincide with enough licensed production and processing to meet initial retail demand. It didn't. Once everyone who has applied to produce and process is inspected and approved, the next question will be whether the Board authorizes enough production to keep pace with demand as the industry evolves to take market share from MMJ and the black market. (consumption under 21 is considered a market beyond licensed RMJ capture but represents a healthy percent of total annual consumption all the same.)