Master Your Future Podcast
Episode 9

Kayla Cunningham – From Four Declared Majors to Dentist with a Passion and Compassion to Help People.

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I had the opportunity to meet Kayla Cunningham during my first visit to my new dentist. I found Kayla to be focused, knowledgeable, confident and very easy to talk to. After a short interaction I learned that she was going to go and study and train for her Doctoral Degree in Dentistry, and at that point, I knew that Kayla would be an excellent person to interview for this podcast.


Kayla expresses clearly in this interview her challenges, and interesting instances of potential divergence followed by convergence in her professional studies. Kayla also inspires us as she goes on to tell us that once she found her passion, her strong momentum to getting her Doctoral Degree in Dentistry is pushing her to that goal. With her own ethical practice. Listen to Kayla’s advice in the last 10 seconds of this podcast. Powerful.

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