Me Being Me
Episode 12

E12 Happy Father's Day

Parker Winder published on

Happy Father’s Day!  As a father of 5 children, I reflect on this day that I am lucky and grateful to be their father.  I wish all Fathers a special day with their children.

I love to share with you what I have found to be very effective, very efficient and very powerful in my journey.  To add a different perspective, I am excited to have our first guest on the podcast.  We met in the London Real Life Accelerator Class back in January.  As she said today, since that meeting, “Boy did we accelerate our lives”.   Yep, the woman I declared as my sister, Jenn, joins me on this special Father’s Day addition of Me Being Me.

In this episode, Parker and Jenn hit on topics of “i am” versus “I AM”, self-love, family, smart commitments, lizards, distinguishing thoughts, their relationship, idea that nothing is wrong with us, Us Being Us, Me Being Me and being Paid More to be Me.
This extended version podcast is just the first of many.  I am excited to have strongly committed people join me as he or she talks about Me Being Me.

Love Parker

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