Me Being Me
Episode 14

E14 Feeling of Riding that Endless Wave (Being On!)

Parker Winder published on

Have you ever compared yourself to others, especially in the sales area?  You are doing the exact same thing, saying the same thing, using all the same technical tools, but finding yourself working harder to not make sales?  There is nothing wrong with you, it is just you were not Being ON.

The easiest way for me to describe being on is to compare surfing in the ocean or behind a wake surf boat. In the ocean, there is the maneuvering to get yourself in the perfect spot to wait for that wave. If you fall off it may take a while before you can hop on that wave again.  When I surf behind a boat, the wave is endless and the experience lasts so much long. If I did fall, I could be back on that wave again very quickly.

Being ON is part of who YOU are BEING. This shows up in every aspect of your life and relationships as being present and with a real connection. For me when I went from 7% to 30% in my sales jobs, I TRIPLED my sales. Do you want to be PAID MORE TO BE YOU?

I have developed a daily process that keeps me ON.  Ok, there are some days when I am not on 100%, but most days I am still in a place where I am powerful and effective.  Did I mention FUN riding that endless wave?

Join me on my journey of Me Being Me. Along the way I will continue to share my experiences and insights for You Being You.  If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram. 

Love Parker


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