Me Being Me
Episode 15

E15 I am Being My Word of Me Being Me

Parker Winder published on

I have talked previously about having even reasonable excuses why you do not have to do something. It the end, it comes back to be your word.  For me, I made a promise to my older sister, a client, myself and you to do an episode everyday.  It is late in the Winder House, but I committed to what I said I would do and regardless of counter thoughts, moods, emotions running in my head.

Tonight, I was going to meet with someone, to talk about ways help him reach big goals he had in his life. However twice he wanted to push back our meeting.  It was not until the second request to postpone our meeting, I held my boundary.  I said I did not have time to meet. My time is valuable. His time is valuable. Those listening to this podcast, your time is valuable.  Wasting time is basically wasting people's lives.  It is a sign of lack of respect.

Tonight I am living what it means to be Me Being Me.  I am Being My Word. There is a BIG difference between talking and wanting to be committed versus being committed and following through with action. I am committed to do this podcast every day for my sister, my clients, myself and all of you!  I give you a strong promise to produce more content.  Heck I invited you along my journey so I need to show you my intergrity.

If you have ever found yourself in a place where you feel you are wasting more time rather than making those strong commitments to take action. Are you getting those Powerful Results?  If not, let's have a conversation.  I will make you another promise that when we speak, it will not be so late at the Winder House.

Feeling really good right now I am Me Being Me getting Paid More to Be Me.

Love Parker



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