Me Being Me
Episode 17

E17 Money Does Not Buy Happiness. Money Buys You Speed

Parker Winder published on

Getting paid is a big deal.  To do that, you need a good relationship with money.

Let me clear.  Money does not buy you happiness. Money buys you speed.  With more money, you can do what you want faster.  Theoretically, you purchase a bicycle to travel from one part of the county to another.  It will take you a while to travel from point a to point b.  With more money, a person can travel faster via a car.  If you have a lot more money you could buy a airplane. Money can get us where we want faster.

Being Paid More allows you to get where you want faster.

How can this be achieved?  What people are paying you for is who you are being? What is the value to them? For many, here is where the issues of self-worth can cloud the issue.  It can cloud your relationship with money.

Me Being Me has a process that helps you take a different inner stance.  For me I have found doing specific exercises and way of living that when all the peices are in place it points to a way of being.  It is those way of being that will create more value. The sign of trust, I am doing this work with family and friends on our pathway to mastery in a private group. We are creating and supporting in a new way of being, a new place of operation, with our relationships with our bodies, god (source energy or why we are here), family, posterity, money - done in that order.

This is a lifestyle not a destination. 

As you have heard in this podcast, this is my journey of Me Being Me.  I want to share lessons I have learned along the way. Understanding being Paid More to Be Me and that money buys you speed is an important lesson as a dad with five kids.  I need to hire that exceptional babysitter so that I can spend quality time with my wife on date night.

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