Me Being Me
Episode 18

E18 Individual Inner Stance

Parker Winder published on

As I continue to work with people, I have noticed a key distinction that keeps showing up - the individual inner stance.

All humans are creators who create two types of things; ones that are powerful and ones that are not powerful.    If you can bring a little bit of awareness, you will have the ability to constantly and consistently bring the stance that is powerful. The inner stance that an individual is coming from in any interaction is everything. 

I am not talking mindset.  It is more than thinking, it is who you are actually being. Not being your thoughts and feelings, but your word.  To identify with past thoughts and feelings puts you in victim mode and zaps your energy.  To understand these distinctions makes relationships more powerful.  Do you commit to that individual you are interacting with? Are you creating a connection or just exchanging information?

If you find yourself getting caught up in those thoughts and start to feel blue, down or sad, it is time to slow down.  Ask yourself as you starting to identify with your thoughts and feelings?  I will have a three part video series on how to help identify your inner stance on

I want to help you get really clear about who is the me that you are being. Love Parker

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