Me Being Me
Episode 19

E19 Short & Sweet 4th of July and Parker's Self Love Song

Parker Winder published on

Split Episode today - Happy 4th of July! It has been a hot week here in Texas.  While here I have been doing a lot of thinking about ME and my path in life.  It is a perfect example where anyone can let a different environment create thoughts that affect who They Are Being.  Tomorrow I will go into more detail, but I wanted to remind you that is my journey of Me Being Me.  Not every day is perfect, but every day leads me one step closer.

Split Episode today - Me playing what has been called Self Love Song.  If you follow us on social media, it refers to the messages where I talk about putting some notes togetherr that make sense to me while trusting myself. No lyrics yet. Let me know what you think at website or facebook / instragram with the same handle.

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