Me Being Me
Episode 2

E2 Me Really Being Me - Authentic to Myself

Parker Winder published on

I must admit something to you.  Part of me is ashamed of my first episode. 

In the first episode, I painted a picture or a story of a person that created an inaccurate picture of that person. It was my ego that did not want to let you know that I was not perfect.  I do not have a perfect life. 

Why would you listen to me if I did not come across as this great guy? 

The truth when we are being ourselves, that sometimes we do not have it all together. I can tell you that I do not have it all together. 

This podcast is to invite you to go on a journey with me as I discovery things about myself.  It is a peek into my life, my struggles, the lessons I have learned, tools that have helped me, my clients, and family.

Let's start this journey of Me Being Me and for You Being You.

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