Me Being Me
Episode 20

E20 Live the Life I Teach - Going Back to My Roots

Parker Winder published on

In your career or relationships have you ever felt that took steps backwards to actual go forward? Go back to the thing that gave you all that momentum back in the beginning and revisit those basics.

For me it is the psychology of recreating yourself everyday, reinventing yourself, being able to be Me. These next few weeks, I am going back to the trenches rather than sit in the comfortable coaching perch. I am coming back to play one of the hardest games, door to door sales.

The old me or should I say the current me, does not want to relearn to be more conscious, more powerful, more created, more authentic, more valuable. What I am living is a new way of seeing myself and seeing others and as I connect with them in a different way, that's the way that will allow me to spend less time working and more time getting to the result.

It's always going to have to do more with how quickly can you get in and connect with someone and create rapport. How authentic can you be? How real and raw can you be and how valuable can you make yourself to them?  It will not be easy.

Join me Parker as invite you along on my journey of Me Being Me.

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