Me Being Me
Episode 21

E21 Daily Battle of The Wolves

Parker Winder published on

Continuing on from yesterday about going back into the trenchs to do something that I really do not want to do. It was this voice telling me that I would develop a deeper sense of emotional mastery, to practice, to live and teach at this deeper level. Of course as you dig deeper, there will be greater resistance.

Did I mention to you that this is tough for me?

This battle reminds me of an old story where this man who said he had two wolves in him. One represented the light, joy, service and creativity while the other presented weakness, selfishness, and deadness. When asked who would win this battle, he said the one I feed the most. This is where I am right now and what I share with you today.  What wolf do I feed? Which wolf have you been feeding?

As part of my journey of Me Being Me, I invite you to come along and learn about this battle I am fighting and how I learned "thinking" and "trying" do not translate into action. Doing what I say I will do is so powerful. You to can experience this power as You Being You. If you want more information, stop by website or follow us on Instagram I look forward to hearing which wolf or Me that you have been feeding. Were you even aware you were doing it?  Maybe you even hear that howl.....

As Always, Peace and Love Parker.

If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram. 

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