Me Being Me
Episode 23

E23 Prior to Meeting My Friend Camico

Parker Winder published on

You heard how excited I was to tell you about my experience with Camico, but what I should have done was tell you about the time leading up to that wonderful experience.

Prior to this wonderful experience, I had fallen in a trap of feeling discouraged which allowed for  judgemental thoughts to enter my mind.   Have you ever experience  a moment when those thoughts are so strong that it feel like it is taking all your energy? It feels like the thoughts have control over your ability to take action. It is what you do in those moments can give you energy you are seeking.  When I thought I had no more energy to give, I ran into my new friend Camico who, in our interaction, created so much energy. 

It is a simple truth. You have so much value, are more valuable that you know when you give your self permission to be yourself.  Yes it is You Being You.  When you are being present with someone, being authentic - a genuine human connection is created. With that so much value. The sign of the strength of this connections as we laughed back and forth, we lost track of time.

Camico is an amazing woman who I will have back on this podcast as a guest.  Remember that simple truth that you are more valuable You Being You which allows for great value and energy to be created.  I am excited to introduce you to her as she is living that simple truth.

Look on or email us at to learn more how you to can start to have the powerful authentic human connections.

Peace Parker


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