Me Being Me
Episode 25

E25 How and Why to Play the Game

Parker Winder published on

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike. At first you needed training wheels and a lot of practice to keep the bike upright. As you graduated to a bike with gears, you have to learn how to shift.  At first it is easy in first gear and it is really easy.  If you shift a gear, boom it pops into second gear, there's a little more resistance on that tire.

In the Me Being Me Stack, Process of Daily Ladder, is a system that is dialed in and created for you. There are five distinct small, simple core actions to do each day, and if you just hit three of them, you are in positive momentum. Just like learning how to ride a bike, when a action becomes easy, it is time to move up into a higher gear.  

As I said yesterday, the first action is that Green Smoothie.  So.. did you have one today? If not go make yourself one right now. You need a handful of greens (I like kale and spinach) with almond milk, banana, and oatmeal. Awesome!  The benefits are huge and this is the first act of self love!

Of course this game to be paid more to be you stems around the trunk of this tree which is self love. It a tree's core is not strong, the tree can not support all the branches and other aspects of your life.  Self Love is at the core.  I know you hear alot about it, but can you really say you practice it?

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