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Episode 27

E27 Five Relationships Area Alignment in 14 Days

Parker Winder published on

Can you answer yes to any one of these questions?

  • Ever feel as you should be giving your family more? 
  • Have you ever been with your family or friends and acted as the stressed out one unable to relax?
  • Finally, have you ever looked back on your career or life and felt you wasted so much time looking and searching for something that never materialized?

If you did answer yes it means one your five core relationships is out of alignment.  The five are: body, mind, spouse or significant other, your family and money.  There is a way to simply align all of those five areas together into one clear outcome, one clear direction.

All of us want more value flowing through our lives. Imagine it's like a pipe, like a conduit, right? Easiest way to visualize this if you wanted to expand the pipe for a sprinkler to a fire hose. Imagine how much more water can run through it now. What if I said that for yourself and all of the area different type of relationships.

Do not get frustrated at thinking back on the time lost or wasted. Do not feel you are missing out on life.  Join me on the 14 Day Challenge to put those five relationships back in alignment.

Live with no regrets.

If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram.

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