Me Being Me
Episode 3

E3 King of Zingers and Prince of Pain

Parker Winder published on

Welcome back on my journey!

As I promised, as I figure things out, I will share what went wrong and how I corrected it

Today is something I am sure you all have experienced, The Zinger!  As the King of Zingers, I know that I was throwing them from a place of pain.  There is an old saying that "hurt people, hurt people." Talking with a client, I explained to her what a zinger really was and how she was actually in control of zingers thrown and received. 

My final message to her and all of you is, because who you are and who I am in our essence is the same.  We are love. 

If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram. 

Peace, Love and Me Being Me Parker

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