Me Being Me
Episode 33

E33 Where Everything is Made Up

Parker Winder published on

Welcome to the only podcast where everything is made up and the points do not matter. There is something about improvisational, made up and on the fly way of producing value that I liked about the TV show "Who's Line is It?!"

In this podcast, I am being me and I do not have to be any other way for you and those listening. What I mean about made up. Guess what? There is so much of our lives that are made up - the stories that we tell ourselves, the personality you have adopted to and who you are in this world. Some of the stories were told by you, other stories were imposed upon you and some you are not aware that were placed upon you.

Me Being Me and this podcast is to help you develop an awareness and how to implement that level of commitment.  Yes you can adopt a position of power to get more of what you want or less of what you do not want. If you need a visual, think of dominos that can continue to fall and push the next tile over. Momentum.

If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram.

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