Me Being Me
Episode 35

E35 Strategic Seduction, Fearlessness, Open Spaces

Parker Winder published on

I want to share with you a story of Betty and Al who helped me polish what I like to call strategic seduction during an enrollment conversation.  It was one of those interactions where I was being compared to previous other salesmen who stopped at their house before I even knocked on their door that day. 

In my time talking with Al, truly listening to Betty's concerns, and pulling an alarm system out of my binder, I was able to make a human connection with them.  This sale represented one that I worked hard at to earn. 

What made it such a success? It was the open space I created for both my listening and speaking.  It is a necessary action to prevent myself or yourself from speaking to a brick wall.  You do not make sales when your words do not resonate with homeowners.

Sit back, listen and then be ready to take action to clarify your own stance.  This podcast is free, but there is some expectation that you want to be paid more to be you. As I am being paid more for Me Being Me.

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