Me Being Me
Episode 36

E36 Fall In Love With The Journey

Parker Winder published on

I will say to right now I am falling in love with this journey I am on.  I am embracing and leaning into the pain as I will honestly tell you 2018 has been the hardest year of my life.

Those who have been listening to this podcast know that currently I am down in Texas working on door to door sales. It is hard to go back to where I started. To some it may represent a step back, I see it as the way to take 5 steps forward. Being here reminds me of my journey on how I got to this exact moment. The emotions. The thoughts. The feelings.  The lessons I learned and still must learn.

Many folks I know have suffered from some form of imposter syndrome. I am one of them.  Let me tell you it has robbed me of my power and my confidence in so many aspects of my life. I am climbing out of the pit and scarcity. One of my lessons I am learning is that there is nothing wrong with me or you. I can feel there is something bigger waiting for me and you.  

I am not giving up nor will I quit.  I am falling in love with journey and the pain as I become Me Being Me.  I invite you to share my journey to a badass coach and leader with others.  If you ever want to talk to me or learn more, please reach out to me at or Instagram.

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