Me Being Me
Episode 40

E40 Create The Version of You That Gets Paid More

Parker Winder published on

Take a walk with me on this 40th episode as I tell you why the points do not matter, the work of  Bryon Katie, understanding perspective (especially from a sleeping dog named Lassie), the power of living a declaration and how you occur to yourself, how relationship correlates to how you occur to others, the defintion of me vs Me, and a few other topics over the next 90 minutes.

Tonight a bit of jealous reared it's ugly head as I compared myself to another's podcast. There were times when I would personally get triggered.  When I'm being an immature version of myself (being the me with a lowercase m), I am all up in my ego.  I am the me that is immature, selfish, egotistical, wanting to be right, wanting to be right, wanting to look good, wanting to make my ego be gratified and feel good.  I am the version of me that is NOT paid more to just be me.  I don't want to put more of my energy into lowercase me. That's the me, I want to identify with less and less and less and the me that I want to be because I can be who I want to be. I can create the version of me that has the capital M. The same is true for you. Be the You that is Paid More.

The end result of this podcast is that nothing I say will matter unless I take action. The same is true for you listening to this podcast.  You must take actions to get results in your life. We both have the power to be versions of ourselves that get PAID MORE.

My call to action for all of those who listened to my 40th episode; please send me a comment on the value you obtained or forward this on to others if you found value.  You can reach me at mebeingme.liveInstagram or

Thank you for being on this journey with me.  There is more to come. Love P

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