Me Being Me
Episode 42

E42 My "Ladder" Process on Emotional Triggers

Parker Winder published on

As I was sitting doing my morning routine, I realized I need to get those negative stories and disempowering thoughts out of my head and down on paper.  The feeling of being depressed triggered a story in my head. The story was that there was something deep inside of me that prevents me from living in financial abundance and I can not break through it. 

What I needed to do was uncover the story underneath the real problem. The answer has to come from me. I need to look deeply inward and not listen to another person.  It does not matter who that other person is because he or she will limit the actual truth you are able to uncover. For me, I became victim to myself, my own story in my head that I can not live the lifestyle that I truly desire to live.  As I work on the process I call the "Ladder", I find myself climbing up and away from those negative thoughts and stories.  How did I do that? You are going to have to listen to this episode.

If you enjoyed learning about my ladder process, can you take your own action? Can you write a review of this podcast? Can you share it with someone? Can you reach out to me to work on your own ladder process?  Change will not happen without action.  Visit me at mebeingme.liveInstagram  or email me at to talk more about what you heard on this podcast.

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