Me Being Me
Episode 45

E45 What are YOUR Core Influences?

Parker Winder published on

If you are not familiar with Frank Kern’s Core Influence video, I HIGHLY recommend you watch this 2-hour video.  He will walk you through an exercise called the Perfect Average Day. If you had to live one day over and over again and it would never get boring and there was no limitations and it was the day you were stuck with for the rest of your life and you were going to live a perfectly happy life. What does that day look like?  I bet you can guess on my day there would be time playing a piano.

As I am on this journey of Me Being Me, to be a Key Player in my own life, I question the amount of my influence, my purpose, the beliefs I have grown up with to achieve my perfect average day.  What I am clear about is that Me Being Me is that my ideal life is to play the piano and harness that creative energy.  Those listening to this, this  brand is more like a partnership with you or actually more like a declared family.   You know from previous podcasts that we can create family simply by declaring it and then living that way. The bigger lesson is that what you declare and live becomes the truth.
What would be your perfect average day? What are your core influences that would provide you the ability to live that perfect average day? Reach out to me at,, Instagram.  

I want to hear what is your perfect average day?

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