Me Being Me
Episode 46

E46 Expand Capacity For Creating Energy

Parker Winder published on

As humans we have the ability to expand our capacity for how much energy we bring to the table and embody.  When I was learning door to door sales with Adam Schanz, what I witnesses was how much love and passion energy he had.  If you come to a door with total love that matches the aggressiveness to sell, people will like you and you will become a very powerful influential person.

Of course, self-doubt and my ego would kick in saying I was cut from the same cloth as Adam. I could not see myself as being like him.  It did not take long for me to realize the only difference in our energy levels was that Adam was committed to creating that energy.  He has trained himself day after day and year after year.  His commitment is building momentum.

That is what I am doing on this journey of Me Being Me.  I am stepping through my ego, my thoughts and feelings, and my natural way to become that all-encompassing each day.  To be more of the real me is to create energy on a daily basis more than I did the day before. Remember each day be a little better than the day before so that soon you see slow is really fast.

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