Me Being Me
Episode 48

E48 Surrender and Jump Through Your Fears

Parker Winder published on

Is there something you are holding onto that you do not want people to know? You would die if anyone found out this secret?

If you really thought about it, deep down you have just accepted yourself for it because of FEAR. Have you changed? Will you change? Fear tells you that you are afraid of judgement that others will give you if they find out. Worse you are afraid of what they will say to you and the feelings that will follow inside of you. 

So, what do you do? You hide it inside of you. Your mind may ignore it, but that secret you are holding on it is there. You bump into it occasionally.  Not today! Grab some paper and write down ONE THING you are holding onto a secret.  It is the thing that if she / he / they found out you would die. WRITE IT DOWN.  If you find yourself saying "I Can't" that is your ego.

Call the bluff on the universe, your ego. It may be painful for a little bit. If you sit with the pain and let it hurt, it will not be long before you will have freedom, clarity and abundance from surrendering.

On this journey of Me Being Me you will find not every day is easy.

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