Me Being Me
Episode 50

E50 - Am i Willing To Become You

Parker Winder published on

Today I am going to be very personal. It hits pretty close to home.  I am sharing something from my journal to help those who genuinely want to learn and do The Work.  This is a very open and vulnerable episode.

On this journey of Me Being Me on my 50th episode, I am going to walk you through how to correctly, efficiently, and effectively use Byron Katie's The Work on a relationship that  I am still working through. 

Let me be very clear. The names have been changed to protect out of respect and love for those people.  I am going to read some statements today that are basically my judgements I wrote down.  To be very clear, my judgements about this person have nothing to do with this person.  These judgements exist in me. So, as you listen, you may think ill of John. Do NOT think it - it is not true. This is all part of the work of Byron Katie. 

Do I love John? Am I willing to become him? Am I willing to see it his way? I willing to see it the way he sees it? Am I willing to see it through his eyes? Am I willing to get myself out of the way for long enough and well enough to see a clear picture of how he sees it?

This podcast is dedicated to that question - Am I willing to become you? It is part of my journey as Me Being Me to become Paid More to Be Me!  I invite you today to listen and look at your own life. Is there a relationship that could be better? Can you do The Work?

Reach out to me if you need help or have questions at the MeBeingMe.Live on Instagram or Facebook or email  This journey is not an easy one, but being committed to doing the daily Work / Ladder / Scale will yield the fast growth in my own development.


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