Me Being Me
Episode 51

E51 Honor Your Word OR Your Feelings?

Parker Winder published on

Have you ever been in a situation where you are out in public and see someone you just do not want to see or talk with? What is it that we would rather hide than walk into that conversation? For me it has typically been the FEAR of what person will think of me.

On my journey of Me Being Me, it has not always been easy to honor my word and my commitment over the feelings and thoughts I have.  I preach and teach on how my morning routine sets my day - it stacks it in my favor.  Man, there are times I have credible, I dare say incredible excuses, that I was up with my little kids so I do not get up to do what I know I am committed to doing.  I am embarrassed that I am not honoring my word, but my feelings or thoughts that sleep is more important to what I know I need to do.  Here is another situation where I would hide or avoid those I have taught.

With any situation or I guess setback, there is a lesson to be learned.  I ask myself how can I live what I'm teaching so that I can bring more integrity to my own message? Along this Me Being Me journey, I reference Mentors who have helped me.  I guess you can say, I curate what as worked for me to help you on your path to You Being You and Being Paid More to Be You!  There is resistance to what many of you may think of me as I launch this brand Me Being Me and Key Player. My feelings and thoughts are at odds with my belief, my word to myself, to be honestly be Me Being Me.  I know that I am not alone.  Many of us struggle and do hide.  Join me today as we agree no more hiding from others or ourselves.

If you listen today and you feel this message is speaking to you, reach out to me on email (, comments below or direct message on MeBeingMe.Live (Instagram) or Facebook.  You have heard my perfect average day and I want to hear yours. 




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