Me Being Me
Episode 54

E54 What I SEE exists in ME

Parker Winder published on

For those of you who have been on this journey with me, you have heard me say this is the show where everything is made up and the points do not matter.  We can play the game from this new perspective and a new perspective is constantly reinforced because it's extremely powerful, but the way to constantly reinforced this new and powerful perspective is to call the bluff, call bs on the ego and do it every day. Do it every day.

How? You say the thing that you couldn't say, you do the thing that you couldn't do. I am here to tell you that you can. I have done it and my clients have done it. Time for you, the Me Being Me Community, to do it as well.

To accomplish this is my inner stance. That's my I am. That's where I'm coming from. That is the stance that I've intentionally created and embodied and operated from and operate from. That's in my control, is my total choice. It is where an affirmation may be made out of it.

I want to be clear as well that who I am to YOU has nothing to do with me. What I see exists in me. 

One the easiest and hardest thing to call BS on is in a personal relationship.  If you have any personal relationship that's breaking down right now, it's pointing you right at the work that you've got to do. The reason why it's breaking down, the reason why it's got you angry, frustrated, triggered, depressed, sad, anything, any uncomfortable emotion. The reason why it's got you feeling that way is because it's pointing you right at a lie that you are believing that is underneath your conscious awareness. The work is the willingness to look at it and see it and sit with it and be with it and and find that part in yourself that you just haven't been able to accept and sit with that lie that you've been taught. You made it up.

Today I would appreciate honest feedback on this podcast.  Please leave a comment below.  What value are you getting from listening to me.  Are you learning to be You Being You?  Reach out to me. I am curious to see how your journey has been for you being your own version of Me Being Me?

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