Me Being Me
Episode 55

E55 Are you ANXTY _ You need to get laid

Parker Winder published on

Do you have a relationship that is not where you see it? Have you noticed in that relationship there are moments of angst and you just don't know how to get rid of it?  The key is to be clear that you are completely responsible for and willing to take full responsibility of that relationship.

WARNING: If you want to be a victim or say that I can not create that relationship because THEY will not change, STOP.  If you ever see me or anyone in this Me Being Me or Key Player Community call us out.  You will never be a version of yourself that creates and exchanges more value with that attitude.

This episode is about my love language. Love for me, it typically is in the form of sex.  Any love language is that validation from your significant other.  Well for me when sex is in doubt, it can create a potentially angst dynamic where in the back of your mind you're wanting the sex and you're hoping for it, but you've been maybe rejected so many times that you don't have the confidence to just be super direct about it and you don't want to get rejected again.  It can start a downward spiral.

I caught myself in that spiral. 

On the journey of Me Being Me, everyday there are lessons to learn. What I have learned is that the more angsty I get, the less attractive I am which means the less likely to get laid.  It is both you want to have sex and the you also need to let go of having sex.  I am saying you have to let go of needing anything from them and you have to create getting laid from a place of not needing it. And when you do. And what's required to do that is to say the thing you can't say is to overcome your own ego and let it go.  Join me on the podcast today as I open you up to another personal side of Parker.

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P.S. No frogs were injured in this podcast. It was only a metaphor that I used to make a point.

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