Me Being Me
Episode 56

E56 Music Lesson: Sting (Shape of Your Heart) and Maroon 5 (Girls like You)

Parker Winder published on

Welcome to another piano lesson with Me Being Me.  As I mentioned in a previous podcast, somehow Sting's Shape of Your Heart came across my path. I really enjoyed this song and decided it was time to learn it.

In fact, I want to share with you how I learned to play this song.  Listen along as I teach you how to pull out the baseline, find the notes on the keyboard and play along with the music.

Bonus Time:  I will share with you how to play Maroon 5's Girls Like You song.  For beginners, this song is much easier to get the hang of the notes.  Not to mention it is a fun song.

As you listen to this podcast, I would love to have a review of this type of music lesson.  For those who have reached out, thank you.  I am curious to see what songs folks want to learn how to play. Please leave a comment for potential future Music Lessons.

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