Me Being Me
Episode 57

E57 Be Willing to let go of that which you WANT

Parker Winder published on

As you have been listening to this podcast, I think you know that sometimes I find paradoxes on my journey of Me Being Me.  The things we want really bad guide us to take actions, but then we expend a lot of energy to the thing we have become attached to obtaining. For me when that thing is right in front of my grasp, that is where i have screwed up and missed it.

Today I was being super present with my wife as she was getting ready for our daughter's birthday party.   At the end of the night I just wanted to have sex and I knew from the beginning that was my game plan starting the day.  The kids were in bed. We were in our bedroom.  Tonight I had gas.  I am not going to lie, it was pretty stinky farts.  My wife walks into the room and basically told me "if you're wanting to have sex tonight, uh, that's probably not going to happen because you stink so bad."

I was so mad. I had made it this far only to be stopped by my farts. Tonight I did something different.  I decided to give her love and connection and just give her my presence and just be cool. Just be playful. Just be. Just be fun. Not be offended. Apologize for the smell.  I totally let go of that thing I was so attached to having all day. I let the idea of sex with my wife. 

Every time we fail, we just keep pointing to us right where we were wrong, or our intention was weak. I believe that our attachment was too strong.  In this podcast, I will continue my Me Being Me journey and how I let go my attachment tonight created space for my wife and I to be connected.

On your own journey, identify what's the result that you want in any area of your life. What's the intention that you would need to have? Write that down. What's the intention I would need to have, and then what's the attachment to it? Where is that in your body? Feel it. Notice it, let it go, drop it, and then go and operate from that space.

As always, leave a comment below or find me on Facebook / Instagram (Me Being Me Live) or send an email at  I look forward to hearing what thing you wanted to grab and what attachment you let go.




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