Me Being Me
Episode 58

E58 My client hired a fraudulent liar as her coach (me)

Parker Winder published on

To say the thing, you never want to say.

If you asked folks close to me, they would tell you (most likely in secret) that I am a lazy, lying, fraudulent coach.  It is true.  We all say negative things about ourselves, but those words / thoughts / feelings have no power unless actually back that declaration up with integrity.  That is what gives it power.  But to acknowledge it, own it, see it, sit with it, so then you can let it go has no power.

As you know, on my journey of Me Being Me, I have talked in my past about needing money, needing a certain outcome. Earlier this year, I needed money for a car payment.  I was committed to receiveing money - even from a person who might not be the best fit or someone that i really did not want to help.  I got a warm lead using my "sales" skills, to give me the money even though part of me did not feel I deserved it as I was posturing myself to her.

Her vote of confidence in me, melted my heart and I was grateful for this trust. The next day she told me how she broke integrity with her husband, she partly regretted her decision and felt slimy because I duped her.  It hurt. My heart was broken from what I could say was the pain of recognition.  I was a coach that did not get into his personal feeling or open up about my own struggles.

I owned my feelings with this client. I was open with her.  She saw the real me. I let the real me out. She was open with me. With no posturing, nothing to hide and nothing to prove we created a bond of friendship, partner, client and as family. 

Why do I share this with you and her? Listen to the rest of this podcast (E58) on my journey of Me Being Me to hear why it is important to say the things you never want to say. The thing that you would die if someone found out.

For those of you who listened to this podcast today, please leave an honest review.  Good or Bad.  I am interested to learn what you are learning and how you are applying these practices in your life?


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