Me Being Me
Episode 59

E59 What to do when your partner isn’t connected to God

Parker Winder published on

My wife and I are attending a marriage class at the church. It seems a majority of the attendees seemed to be in this mindset that if one of them is connected to God and the other one isn't and is distancing themselves from God, then the two people really aren't going to be connected. I was confused by this.   What really has a usefulness to me is understanding that God is pure consciousness, pure choice and, and the way that that applies in our lives is God is the ability to change our own mind, our own perspective.  If the other one really is truly connected to God, then what is God? Let's say God is pure love, pure acceptance, pure understanding, nothing but pure forgiveness.

Imagine the worst, the most evil, vile, hurtful thing that you would never want to reveal about yourself to Christ, the Christ consciousness, and when you do that, you know you're thinking. I know that Christ is ultra-forgiving, he's ultra-loving and just, unconditional. You may be thinking this is so wrong, so, so dark. I doubt that he'll actually love me.  I mean you are literally even doubting that if you did reveal that to Christ.  Know there was never even a potential thought of him not accepting you and forgiving you and not loving you.

I'm committed for the rest of my life to live this perspective here, I'm committed to being connected with Christ consciousness and shifting how I see anyone else's actions around me, seeing it from a place of conditional forgiveness, understanding acceptance of how they are and how they're not and, and I need nothing from them in order for me to be happy or be anyway, and that is the best definition of being connected to God, that I can possibly imagine right now.

Join me as discuss this in greater depth as I continue my journey of Me Being Me.

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