Me Being Me
Episode 60

E60 Sometimes you just gotta let yourself be into yourself

Parker Winder published on

When was it that you started to talk so negatively about yourself? When did you start to be so critical toward yourself?

There is a story from Jesse Elder that has stuck with me recently. He said that “haters” are always going to say that you are full of yourself.  Jesse’s response is who else should I be full of?  It is a great mantra to error on the side of too much positive reinforcement and belief in yourself..

There is nothing wrong to say to yourself.... “I am an amazing legitimate human being with great intentions and a great heart doing the very best with that I can.  I am committed to doing better and actually giving myself full permission to believe that I am awesome.”

Know that you can not go back in time to the past to change it.  You can only learn from any previous pain and experience. How I am doing this is creating 90-day commitments that a broken up into 30 day goals with weekly and daily targets.  It is this stacking or scales that keeps reminding me how awesome I am. 

As I have been over the past few weeks, I genuinely want you to leave a review on this or any other Me Being Me podcast.  I am not asking you to do something that I have not done myself.  Please reach out me to talk more if you are having trouble seeing yourself as the awesome person that is you.

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