Me Being Me
Episode 61

E61 How To Conquer The Resistance Towards Uncomfortable Actions You SAID You’d Take

Parker Winder published on

Ever had that morning when you just could not get out of bed to face the tasks ahead of you?

"i" did not want to get up -- not the real me.  I mean the me who I was thinking I was... the me who mis-identifies as himself as his body, his feelings and his thoughts. My body did NOT want to get up! The real me, the "I", wanted to get up, but my body hit snooze at 4:45 am without me even being conscious of it.

In these moments where I find myself waking up late, judging myself, regretting the mistake of not getting up when I intended and then procrastinating further by thinking about how big the task was ahead of me, I do not do very well.

We know what to do. We know what we ought to do. We know what is required. It is doing the action that puts you

Here is another trick the saying “It is just what I do” or “It’s just who I am” does not give you enough strength.  We all have daily disciplines, but have you tried to break it down to smaller chunks? At times breaking it down hour to hour is great, but I am taking about really digging in when you may not have the capacity, the commitment or mental strength to do the next step.

On this morning, lying on the floor procrastinating, I stopped the voices in my head. I took the next action to get out to do my morning routine in those two seconds.  I stood up!  I was grateful that I was able to stand up. Guess what? I had created momentum. Breaking it down into the small steps in the immediate 10 seconds instead of the whole process, I was able to fight resistance. I built momentum with gratitude.

Remember the journey of Me Being Me is full of gems to accomplish what is required.

What tasks do you find yourself without the mental capacity or strength to complete? Have you tried to break it down in what you need to do in the very next few seconds. Reach out to me or leave a comment below.

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