Me Being Me
Episode 62

E62 Wanna create a little mini movement of people who pay you to have fun and be YOU

Parker Winder published on

We all know too well that voice in our head can get so loud, filling us with self-doubt, telling us to play small, stay safe.  It left unchecked, that voice starts to feel real.  The story we tell ourselves is we are destined that this is my life -- to be sad, to be frustrated, to be depressed, to not apparently live the life we dream.

In this podcast, I will talk about The Scale system that shows you this version of you that operates the way you always wanted to but NEVER gave yourself permission to be so successful across the board.  Me Being Me is living my life as an example of what is possible for others.  As you hit The Scales and living your life more powerfully with integrity and congruence, you shine bright. People notice and see how powerful it is when each area of your life is woven together properly. 

You can play inside the boundaries or be like a rock star and make music / life your very own.

As part of the Keys or the Scale, there are secrets I have figured out but have not shared on these podcasts to help you play this game, the ability to put a rock star face lift on your life. For those who listen, who want that rock style life face lift, who are tired of listening to that voice, I can help you design out your thing. 

Once you have clarity, the momentum will build. It may be small and not noticeable that first week, but it builds upon itself.  Within 12 weeks, you will look around and see a mini following. People who were already in your life, but you did not see them in that way. 

For those that you are ready to add a Rock Star Spin on your life, reach out to me on Facebook, Email, Me Being Me Live Instagram or

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