Me Being Me
Episode 63

E63 Being Paid To Be You..Is it work or is it play

Parker Winder published on

It is a reminder that it is possible to get paid more to be WHO you are being anyway.  Yes I am saying doing less things and creating more value. The things we want to do anyway.  It comes down to our relationship with work and money. It is a very intertwined relationship. I would associate the productive thing would occur as the thing I did not want to do.  Even as an adult, when I hear work, I do not want to do it.

My message today is brought to you curiosity of my kids. We are outside picking up rocks. In one sense this could be a very drudgeries task, but it is actually a learning one where we are having fun.  

Normally the kids are the ones who get the landscape rocks into the grass. Today I did not get mad at my son Bode as he was throwing them into the grass.  Who he is and what I created is that there is nothing about him is wrong, he is a perfect and innocent.  So when he did the thing I did not want to do, I let him without getting mad.  I did not let that sting of my ego get to me.

Who I am committed to being it the most loving creative and daddy on the planet.  Who he is perfect.  I hold off watching him. I asked my son what he was doing.  I asked him if he could help me put the rocks back. Once he did, I showed him how grateful I was for his assistance.  Low and behold, my other child sees this and comes over to help him. No longer is this a chore but something fun.  With my son, I interacted with him as "he is" most perfect, lovable, angel human being. From his view, he would not try to do something wrong. He does not have a distinction of wrong. He is a blank slate and looking at rocks / grass.

As a child, my dad had me move rocks as a punishment.  I knew I could do better, but it was work - not anything fun or playful.   It start this process of resistance of the grind of doing hard work.  To grind and sacrifice myself is love and it occurred as love.

Work is not love.  Play is love.  For me, playing the piano is play.

Reach out to me if you are interesting in playing and not working to be Paid More to Be You.

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