Me Being Me
Episode 65

E65 For Increased Power In Life notice when you’re projecting your own “stuff” onto people

Parker Winder published on

Stop projecting your own ideas onto other people in your life!

I had a podcast listener reach out to me.  It was great to see his own awareness of this topic.  As we go through life we are basically making stuff up and projecting our conclusions and ideas onto other people (our boss, our clients, our kids, our spouse, strangers, etc).  Most of the time it is not even true.  And then what happens is we hold back because we're coming to the interaction with that preframe already set in our minds.  Most of the time we don't even know that we're doing that. What we think is that's just how it is.

Anywhere you find a sting where someone or something makes you really angry, sad or with pain -- right there that is your ego. You are not distinguishing it as your ego. As this podcast listener and I spoke, he asked how does one get rid of this disempowering reality?  My answer was 80% of it is just being able to notice and distinguish it -- just like he did.

My invitation to you as you move about your life today notice where this is happening in your life.  Share a struggle or a problem that is very expensive in your life with someone you trust.  Open up. My guess is that they will see what you could not see.  Once you have awareness, you have the ability to make a new choice. 

Send me a message (, a text via Instagram or Facebook or call.  I would love to hear what you noticed in your life.

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