Me Being Me
Episode 66

E66 The two kinds of writing

Parker Winder published on

There are two kinds of writing that you can do, especially if you are attending a seminar, conference, journaling or writing down your thoughts. 

The first is to make you feel good.  It is very intellectual.  It could be ideas you already know or things that make you feel good.  In Jenn's case, she will be using the color blue. It was calming and passive.  This type of writing is mostly a waste of time. Nothing wrong with it, just acknowledge it. Think consumption mode.

The second type of writing are things you MUST do. These will have numbers, dates, actions and typically have a check box next to them. Very simple did it happen or not.  These are things you are committed to changing or implementing.  For Jenn she decided to use the color red - writing them in blood. Think action mode.

If I had these pens and this distinction of what color I was writing in, that alone would allow me to move powerfully forward. 

What are you committed to in the next 90 days? To help you visualize this activity, go stand outside your home, your workplace, your car or anywhere that represents your life. No shame or guilt - look at what you have been committed to in your life. Where is this compared to last year? Two years ago?  Are you committed to making course corrections today to do this exercise next year but with a different view next year?

What color will you write down these commitments?

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