Me Being Me
Episode 67

E67 Advantage to Get Paid More Being You

Parker Winder published on

If you are listening to this podcast, you are serious from going from 10K to 20K to a month.  I am talking to those who have hit 20K a month, but it is not your standard. You now are at your minimum standard. As I called you to action in the last podcast, look at what you are committed to right now - your home, your car, your salary.  

To achieve 20K a month could require more work and struggle.  Part of the issue is the way you are going about is not working. The other part is that you may be lost and have no idea what you do not know.  Now is the time when you need to make a clear decision.  

Are you ready to have an awareness where you are coming from in every conversation?  I am talking about speaking things out loud, saying what you choose as an outcome. Does this sound obvious? Maybe but so many are not making that choice.

Once you have this awareness, everyone wins. Your customers win. You win. Your kids and spouse win because you are present. Your church wins. Even the guy who mows your lawn wins.

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