Me Being Me
Episode 68

E68 First step is to clearly SEE the future version of YOU

Parker Winder published on

Have you used the power of language to distinguish what others can not see?

I was doing the morning process with my declared sister working on spinal waves.  Off in the distance she sees a mountain and tells me that she can see the face of an Indian Woman.  I could not see anything. With language she distinguished exactly what she saw: a feather, her nose, her chin, her eyes.  

We do that with ourselves and our own lives. There are versions of us in the distance - seemingly so far away that we do not see it.  There is a version of you that you want to create more powerfully. A version of you that is strong across the board.  You got stop and slow down a second. Take that version of YOU that is out there and break it down in categories. Ask yourself what precisely is success in those categories that would allow you to ideally SEE this version of you.

I challenge you to take ten minutes today to write down the various areas of your life and where you MUST be in 90 days out.  What are you committed to and willing to track?

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