Me Being Me
Episode 69

E69 Why hang onto something that disempowers YOU

Parker Winder published on

Why do you refuse to let go of the thing that hurts or disempowers you?

Recently Jenn and I were at dinner where I ran into a friend who experienced a very emotional loss - her infant son died soon after childbirth. She started down a path to distract herself from her pain.

We all do that somewhere in our lives.  We are holding on to this belief - which may cause us pain or suffering and is not giving you what you want because we are committed to it. It is preventing us from taking action to get results in our lives. With her and others, I have seen people just sit with pain and WANT a something different. WANTING will not change the situation.

We are arguing with reality. For my friend, she is arguing her son should be here and that she wants him here. It is very easy for us to be become stuck and not aware there is another choice?  

Today I want you to write down what is the source or cause of your pain? Where are you fighting against reality? Can you see where the opposite belief and evidence agrees more with reality?

Awareness gives us the choice to stop believing in something that is hurting us.

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