Me Being Me
Episode 8

E8 No Excuses - Did You or Did You Not Do it?

Parker Winder published on

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating to do a task? Even worse have you been on the other side of someone procrastinating?  It really boils down to either you were going to do the thing you said you were going to do or you were not.  It is the does not matter the reason why the thing was not done.

Here is where I have gotten into trouble in the past.  I have a great reason WHY I can not do something. This is where that inner critic, my lizard brain, kicks in if I am trying to move the needle forward on Me Being Me.  Once we have acknowledged it, we have given it energy. This energy feeds self doubts which in turn make procrastination easier. Let me tell you, I have been guilty of consuming content for the sake of content, not action.

Sometimes we do not want to face the pain because it gives us a reason not to move forward, not to do the work required.  After this podcast or even during, write down what you are putting off because it hurts or is uncomfortable.  You have the power inside you to make changes in all the different areas in your life. Find them. Write them down. Send me a message on what you find out.

I made a strong promise to myself (and a friend) that I would do a podcast everyday.  She did not care what the reason why I would not get it done, only that I did or did not complete the action which I stated I would do.


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