Meda Critic

Episode 13

Episode 13: What's The Deal With Medabots

Holly Edalyn published on

In this episode, we meet the REAL leader of the rubber robos, as well as the deranged billionaire who invented medabots!


This week we talk about the intro-fucker, dragon quester, pizza EP, runescape memories, job having, frenchie fries, shitty evil, tape-based defenses, dope-ass synthwave cat, spoiled by the opening, medadotchi life, surprising amount of Spike, knifebox, Ikki's dad is dead probably, drunk Henry, secret Cyandog menu, immersion broken, Karate Kid is bullshit, domestic Koji, shoving Rokusho in there, dangar, you can (not) robattle, upside down referee, podcast over, and our best power-up move.

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