Meeple Overboard!
Episode 65

Interview with Paisley Games

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Ever wondered what it takes to design your own game and run your own Kickstarter?  We talk with Andrew Bosley and Mike Patience from Paisley Games about just that!  Enjoy some great insight into making and producing your own game, and see what these guys' flavors are. 

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  • Karen Rosser

    Well, Chris and Wendy, I decided to listen to your pod casts while I'm working in my back room. I enjoyed this one. About 6 months ago I listened to another one you made quite a while ago. So, onward I go digging in archives to listen to others. Great job with this interview. I enjoyed your guests and what they had to say. I created a game for my Sunday School class about 20 years ago. It was a card game, and similar to CLUE, the students had to guess the combination of cards that were set aside which were NOT in play. It had a religious theme and was appropriate for my class. It was intended to excite the youth in becoming missionaries with a fun twist. I might venture to pull out that game and rework it with updates. Now, If I can just find it...

  • Meeple Overboard!

    Glad you enjoyed our episodes!