Meeple Overboard!
Episode 48

Top 5 Games to Play with Non Gamers

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Sometimes you get asked to teach a game to people. Those people may not really have much interest in games at all.  Maybe they want to see what you have to offer, but aren't really interested in getting further into the hobby.  Sometimes you have to host a party for 8 people who want to play some games once and that's all they want.  So, how about we offer our Top 5 Games for People Who Don't Play Games  (shortened to Non Gamers for the episode title).  Share with us what are yours!

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  • Snow Board Gamer

    Thanks for the shoutout guys - another great episode! I have to add a social game - it is one of our most played game and has introduced dozens to board games -
    Secret Hitler. It doesn't require learning a bunch of complex mechanics and draws people in very quickly. Codenames absolutely - couldn't agree more with this as the #1. It is super easy to get people in and playing a game.