Meeple Overboard!
Episode 27

Two Player Variants, It Pays for Itself, and Custom Heroes

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Happy Gen Con for all of those out there in Indianapolis, and happy Gen Can't for those who couldn't make it!   We're going to discuss Two Player Variants for games, since we play with each other the most.  Then we're going to discuss the silliness of the phrase "It Pays for Itself!" when people often use it.  Lastly, we review Custom Heroes, an upcoming release by AEG!  If you have any thoughts, please shoot us a message! 

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  • Hi folks - Ryan Dancey from AEG here. Glad you had fun playing Custom Heroes.
    The cards are delivered with a clear plastic transparent protective layer that you are supposed to peel off before you start play. So the effect you had of cards "separating" isn't a manufacturing defect - its just the protective layer starting to come apart from the card. After you remove that layer you'll also find the colors are brighter and text is easier to read when there's a stack of cards in a sleeve.
    One reason the box is so tall is to accommodate the deck once it's been sleeved. That said, we're definitely sensitive to the issue of box size and its something we'll consider on the next printing.
    Thanks for reviewing the game!