Aurora Heitman is the host and initiator of Meet Me for Coffee. Aurora is a wife, mother, sister, friend and owner/photographer of Pearly Hens Photography.  (

Meet Me for Coffee is all about human connection. The friends that she chats with are connected to her through one or more of her four C's - Christ, Creatives, Community and Coffee. The podcast was born from Aurora's addiction to coffee, the love of meeting up with friends for coffee, the loyalty of supporting local business and a slow season of photography. Meet Me for Coffee is inviting you to listen in on Aurora's conversations as she gets to know her friends more and deeper.  All conversations are taken place at local coffee shops around the Napa Valley and beyond :-)

Our world is losing the human connection. People are on social media and have "friends", but do they truly know those friends? Do you personally have a connection with that friend, where meeting up for coffee would be natural and fun? Texting doesn't count. Yes, texting a friend is convenient. However, there is something more enjoyable to actually sit face to face with someone, to look into their eyes and watch their facial expressions as you have a conversation. 

We hope that you join Aurora each week and be encouraged to put your phones down, step away from your computers and have a real conversation with your family and friends. We all need human connection. 

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