Meet Me for Coffee
Episode 3

Coffee with Rachael

Aurora Heitman published on

This week on Meet Me for Coffee I hangout with my friend Rachael Hairston at The Barking Dog Roasters in Sonoma. She is the owner and photographer of Rachael Hairston Photography. Our conversation was one of the most authentic and real conversations I’ve had with a fairly new friend. You’re invited to listen in on how we became friends and how we come to learn lot more about each other. Our topics range from parenting, to single parenthood, to being a business owner / photographer, being a veteran, to being homeless to community. We seriously forget that I was recording.  I walked away smiling and inspired after spending time with Rachael. 

I have to forewarn you our conversation is bit on the longer side, but I couldn’t stop recording. Then once I was editing, I couldn’t leave any of our conversation out.  I hope what you hear inspires your to reach out to a friend, spend time with him/her and truly get to know their stories. I found a kindred soul in Rachael. I hope that you will find one too for your life.

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